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Veterinary Diagnostics

E.P. & T.A. Laboratories and Veterinary Diagnostics is the first fully licensed Veterinary Diagnostics, food analysis and testing laboratory in Cyprus.


It was established in 2002 and is officially licensed by the Competent Authorities of the Government of Cyprus.

It provides diagnostic services for farmers, veterinarians and food establishments especially for zoonoses, animal diseases, food-borne bacteria and food and water testing. It focuses primarily on the importance of the public health and cooperates with Food Establishments in the field of the food safety and hygiene, in accordance with the EU regulations 2160/2003/EC, 852,853, 854/2004/EC, 882/2004/EC, 2073/2005 and 1441/2007.


The Laboratory participates in Research Projects in the areas of Food Hygiene, Food Safety, Foodborne, Zoonotic and Animal disease agents which take place in Europe.

The Laboratory is Accredited with ISO 17025:2005 for Salmonella testing in Food, feed stuff and environmental samples.

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