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Animal Health Monitoring

Microscopical Examination

EP & TA Labs specialises in Monitoring the Health of Pigs,

Cattle, Sheep, Goat and Poultry for the presence of Salmonella typhimurium and Salmonella Enterititis and other pathogens of importance for Animal and Public Health. It also specialises in

Culture from pathological materials for the detection and

identification of pathogens and zoonotic agents. Biochemical

testing, direct microscopy for the detection and identification of zoonotic agents.

  • Parasitological Examinations

  • Microscopical Examinations

  • Serological Examinations C.A.T. – C.F.F. – Elisa

  • Antibiotic sensitivity testing of pathogens isolated

  • Animal waste analysis (parasitological, biological, microbiological) for the detection of pathogens in manure, whey, animal by-products etc.

  • Microbiological and Chemical Analysis of solids and liquid effluents from establishments processing animal by-products for Biogas – Electricity, Thermal Energy and fertilizers production. 

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